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Tooth Wear

Woman getting teeth examinedTooth wear is the irreversible loss of tooth structure, which is often painful, unsightly and impairs the function of teeth.

An increasingly common dental problem, with tooth surface loss due to abrasion, attrition and erosion, this type of wear can result in sharp and sensitive teeth and even shorter teeth. This will affect how your teeth look when you smile and can lead to people feeling very self-conscious about their appearance.

Speaking and chewing can become problematic and there is often associated jaw and muscle pain or discomfort.

Dr Nicola has a special interest in this area and has studied under Dr Tony Rotundo BDSc (QLD) Cert Pros (UCLA) (Brisbane Prosthodontist, Rotundo Dental ) and Dr Michael Mandikos BDSc (HONS), MS (New York), Cert Pros, FRACDS, FICD, FPFA (Brisbane Prosthodontists) to enable her to provide an evidence based approach to the management of this condition for our patients.


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