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Sleep Dentistry at Pure Dental Toowoomba

Helping Patient Feel Comfortable

smiling person in dental chairOur practice’s friendly, open, and caring approach to oral healthcare quickly puts patients at ease, however we also go above-and-beyond to assist more reluctant patients who experience dental anxiety.

Not only does Dr Nicola have extensive experience working with anxious patients, but she also finds these consultations most rewarding. Dr Nicola takes the time to get to know each patient personally and enjoys helping anxious patients to understand and overcome their dental phobia.

Pure Dental Toowoomba also prides itself on embracing non-invasive and minimal intervention dentistry, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in trusted hands. The team utilise a number of treatments and procedures specifically aimed at those with dental anxiety, including an electronic anaesthetic system and sleep dentistry.

Virtually Painless Anaesthesia

Dr Nicola prefers to use The Wand (a Computer Assisted Anesthesia System) rather than traditional syringes to ensure virtually painless single tooth anaesthesia. This latest technology provides patients with a more comfortable and less overwhelming solution to anaesthesia, resulting in happier and pain-free treatments. Once Dr Nicola’s patients have experienced The Wand, they say they can never go back to traditional syringes!

No-stress Procedures While You Sleep

If your dental anxiety is particularly hard to overcome, Dr Nicola is also able to perform dental procedures under general anaesthetic (commonly referred to as sleep dentistry). We have a regular slot with an Anaesthetist booked at St Andrews Hospital in Toowoomba, where Dr Nicola performs oral surgery while you are asleep.

See How We Can Help

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