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Prevention Dentistry at Pure Dental Toowoomba

A Commitment to Long-term Dental Health

family brushing their teethPure Dental Toowoomba is not like your average dental office.

Rather than focusing on each patient on a tooth-by-tooth basis, they prefer to embrace a holistic approach to oral healthcare, providing their patients with prevention plans to ensure long-term dental health and wellbeing.

By practicing preventive dental care now, you can save thousands of dollars in expensive procedures in the long run. Dr Nicola and her team help you to achieve this by providing a plan for daily oral hygiene practices, along with procedures which prevent common dental conditions such as tooth decay and plaque.

Active Maintenance

Participating in active maintenance check-ups every 6 months with our practice will fast-track you to optimum oral hygiene and health. During your consultation, Dr Nicola will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, jaw and surrounding tissues for anything that requires attention. If there are no issues present, she will then perform a clean, before finishing with both a polish and fluoride treatment to promote strong, healthy teeth.

Want to Learn More?

When it comes to avoiding serious dental problems, prevention is key! To start practicing preventive dental care today, please contact us to schedule an active maintenance appointment.


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